Support Center & Help Desk for Clients

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Client Dashboards

These links are for regular clients. They allow
you to view your data and reports directly.

Main Client Dashboard

Here you can check your asset inventory,
ticket history. Documentation, saved
credentials, & billing are coming soon.

Ticket Lookup

Website Security Dashboard

Check for threats that our VirusDie
website firewall & scanner has
detected and neutralized

Website Marketing Dashboard Coming Soon

For local businesses to check their rankings,
keywords, reputation, reviews, and more

Management Agent

This allows us to monitor your devices for
problems, keep them updated, optimized,
and access them remotely.

Management Agent (Syncro)

Windows MSI, Windows EXE, or Mac Technician Setup Required
Click here to learn more about the difference between attended and unattended remote support.
remote support available

Management Agent (ITarian)

Alternate legacy version.
Win, Mac, Android, iOS, or Other Device

Remote Assistance

These links are for regular clients. They allow
us to access your device remotely.

Splashtop Remote Support

Recommended for Windows or Mac

TeamViewer Deployment

Alternative legacy version 12

MSP360 Remote Assistant

Also allows remote control

Quick Support

These links provide quick remote assistance that
is limited to temporary one-time access.

TeamViewer Quick Support

Recommended for Windows or Mac

MSP360 Quick Support

Windows Only

Mikogo Join Session

Alternative for Windows or Mac

Free Tools & Apps

Here are links to our favorite free software
and tools.

Ninite Downloader

Install and Update All Your Programs at Once.

Bitdefender Free Edition

Recommended free antivirus and security app
for home use on Windows, Mac, and Android

BitWarden Password Management

Recommended free password vault
for home use. Open source and Multi Platform

Download Windows 10

Use the Windows 10 Update Assistant to
upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

Belarc Advisor

For home users to get a quick report
about their computers

Speed Tests

Website Speed Test

Test the loading time of your website
with & Without Ad Blocker

Internet Connection Speed Test (International) above or click
below for OpenSpeedTest (USA Only)

Other Apps
And Links

Here are links to our favorite free software
and tools.

Zoho Assist Agent

Limited alternative for Windows | Mac | Android

Zoho Assist Remote SupportChoose Win, iOS, or Android

Windows | iOS | Android

ITarian Remote Access

Windows Only